About Us

Westraunt Concepts is a multi-concept restaurant company based in Eugene, OR that operates its own fast casual restaurant brands, including Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen, DickieJo’s Burgers, DickieYo’s Frozen Treats and Bill & Tim’s Barbecue & Tap House.

Westraunt Concepts was founded in 2001 by brothers Jim and Phil West with the opening of their flagship Mucho Gusto Mexican Kitchen location at Eugene’s Oakway Center. They later added a second Mucho Gusto location in Medford, OR before going on to develop DickieJo’s Burgers, DickieYo’s Frozen Treats and Bill & Tim’s Barbecue & Tap House.

Throughout the 1990’s, Jim and Phil were partners with another brother, Mike, in two full service restaurants located in downtown Eugene (West Bros. Bar-B-Que and Mona Lizza Ristorante & Bar). The three brothers also operated a brewery and catering business out of those restaurants. Another brother, Chad, joined the business in 2014.

JIM WEST (1963 - 2014)

Jim West took great pride in the restaurants he co-founded. From the quality and consistency of their products to the service, hospitality and atmospheres that make them enjoyable places to visit, Jim always strived to make “Westraunt” restaurants meaningful to the communities they serve. That being said, he was especially proud of the numerous employees who he enjoyed working side-by-side with and mentoring. Jim lived an amazing life and touched the lives of many people. For those of us who had the good fortune to get to know and work with him, we will never forget the many lessons he taught, his passion, vision, high expectations and wonderful way of creating cheer in the workplace.

MIKE WEST (1959 - 2011)

Although not directly involved with Westraunt Concepts branded restaurants, it is more than safe to say that there would never have been a Mucho Gusto, DickieJo’s, DickieYo’s or Bill & Tim’s Barbecue without Mike West. He was the original West brother, lovable character and chef who convinced two of his three younger brothers to move out West to get into the restaurant business. Simply put, Westraunt restaurants would never have come to be without him. Mike worked hard, played hard, and touched the lives of many people with his larger than life personality and big heart.