Event Room


The Event Room at Bill & Tim’s can accommodate up to 50 guests, although 40-45 is a more comfortable number. We regularly host birthday parties, sports teams, graduation parties, casual business meetings and other group gatherings in this space.


The Event Room at Bill & Tim’s is a semi-private space. It is not completely private and guests using this space should expect some level of ambient restaurant noise to be heard. Solid, retractable screens can be pulled down to help create a visual barrier between this space and other areas of the restaurant. If you are looking for a really quiet and completely private space to host an event in, then you should not consider this space. For a truly private experience, we have another Event Room located at one of our other restaurants (DickieJo’s Burgers at Valley River Center). For information regarding this space, click here.


►We take reservations for groups of 10+.

►To make a reservation, call Bill & Tim’s at 541-654-0578.


We do not charge a room fee, however, we expect Event Room guests to dine with us. Simply put, we are in the business of selling food, drinks and dessert - not renting out space or providing “free” accommodations.


In this scenario, Event Room guests place their orders at our main counter and their food/beverage items are delivered to them at their table. Individuals and multiple families dining together can each pay separately this way. Of course, we are also happy to have one person “pick up the tab” for the entire groups’ purchases. Nice, simple and flexible for everyone involved.


Through our catering company, Westraunt Catering, we are able to provide buffet style food service in the Event Room. Well over half of the groups we serve in this space choose buffet service.


We allow outside cakes, cupcakes and other desserts when guests order form the kitchen at Bill & Tim’s for their main meal. We do not allow outside food or beverages.